Rianne Chavez, a white woman with brown hair looking at the camera with a smile wearing a grey cardigan and grey v-neck tshirt

When COVID-19 hit and the stay-at-home order was issued, the beginnings of Bold Lucidity started forming. While doing work as a virtual assistant, I realized that I had a knack for working as an integrator for the visionaries of small business. 

I recognized a need badass bitches have getting support to share their purpose unabashed. With some prodding from my business mentors, I put together the services that I'm good at and that women in business need. 

I want women to be empowered with bold lucidity.

Bold Lucidity is a small (but bold) boutique marketing agency that is focused on delivering bespoke web, marketing, and business support. 

White woman with blue hair and tattoos on her left arm looking at the camera and a second image of a Black transgender woman with a black one-shoulder evening dress

Bold Lucidity is for you if:

  • You want to be bold
  • You're a micro-business or solopreneur
  • You are ready to be authentic + vulnerable
  • You need better systems or have too much shit to do
  • You want to smash the patriarchy and other social constructs
  • You identify as or aspire to be a badass bitch

More about Rianne (she/her):

A Gen X, latchkey kid, I grew up in the Pacific Northwest during the Grunge era, before grunge was a thing. In the 90's I dropped out of University when I couldn't decide exactly what I wanted to do and the idea of a huge student loan made me panic.

I spent half a decade in the corporate world, where standing up to sexual harassment was not encouraged or supported. When that didn't end well, a friend invited me to check out the massage therapy program she was attending. Before I knew it, I was becoming a massage therapist.

After I graduated, I decided that I was tired of being cold and wet so I left the PNW and headed to Florida, where I could be warm and wet instead. I had no idea Bay County Florida received twice as much rain than the Seattle area... it just happens in fewer days!

The culture in Florida was the extreme opposite of the PNW. The beaches were nice but the good ole' boys club and racist culture was hard to accept, and it was something I never wanted to accept. Nevertheless, I became an accidental business owner. In 12 years, beginning during a recession, I built a multi-location, multi-therapist massage practice.

In 2014, I became a uni-parent to an amazing daughter. I've learned so much about life and my dreams from her.

In 2018, Hurricane Michael, a category 5 storm and the 3rd strongest in US history, made landfall near Panama City. The community was devastated, and my family was displaced, so I decided to move. (I had a 2 year plan to leave before my daughter started school, it just turned into a 6-week plan once the storm hit.)

I left the business location that survived the hurricane open because I didn't have the heart to close one of the only things that was "normal" for the women that worked for me and the clients that came to us. In 2019, I was able to sell my practice and it's a pleasure to watch it continue to grow and thrive.

I decided to open a new massage therapy practice in Wichita after feeling settled from moving and then the pandemic hit. I've learned to be flexible in my goals, hone my skills, and help others share their purpose.

So now, I'm a parallel entrepreneur and uni-parent mother living the best life I can and not taking shit while I do it.

I take every chance I can to explore with my daughter whether it's a nearby park, or a 20 plus hour road trip.