Bold Websites

tween girl sitting on a brick floor with a colander covered in foil and an antenna wearing goggles, her legs are crossed and there is an 80's style monitor in front of her with a keyboard in her lap


Not hesitating or fearful. 

Not hesitating to break the rules of propriety. 

Necessitating courage and daring. 

Beyond the usual limits of conventional thought or action. 

Known aliases:

  • audacious
  • courageous
  • daring
  • fearless
  • resolute

Clients want to know how you fix their problems. Let's show them with Bold Lucidity.

Claim your time. 

Are you ready to outsource your website so you have time to do what you're passionate about? 

I am a recovering DIY'er. I've done Weebly, WordPress, and SquareSpace. (I think I even tried a Google Website back in the day and used a company called Spa Boom way back when as well.) Some were easier to learn than others, but none were perfect. 

I wasn't getting the SEO I needed with Weebly (this was ages ago...). I switched to WordPress and improved my SEO but it was slow and I spent more time learning to do the thing I wanted to do than actually doing the things. I shed so many tears over WordPress. 

I thought it was important to be scrappy, and do the things I needed to, no matter how painful, to build my business. 

You know what I've learned the hard way? 

I wasted a lot of time, energy, and resources doing it that way. 

Learn from my expensive and painful lessons. 

You don't have to do the things that don't bring you joy! 

Or bring you actual money...

 (Yes a website helps bring in money, but it's not the thing that you sell, it's a tool to sell the thing.) 

It's time to invest in yourself and your business, and I can help. 

The process to create with Bold Lucidity:

  • Project Intake
    • I gather the assets I need from you - think logos, fonts, branding, etc
  • Planning Session
    • A discussion of your goals + objectives
  • Initial Website Review
    • Together we review an initial concept + create an action plan to resolve any missing components
  • Final Website Review
    • Together we review the final website, make any minor changes, and get ready to launch
  • Launch
    • We launch the website and you have a bold new online presence you can be proud of

Websites are the foundation to support the girls.

Big Tit Energy (BTE)

Big Tit Energy (BTE)

A website for those badass women that are ready to uplevel your business. Starting at $5000



A website for those that need a little more support than simply the breast. Includes SEO optimization. Starting at $3500

Simply the Breast

Simply the Breast

This website is the perfect fit for those that need the basics but don't want any frills. Starting at $2000